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Hi there!

Wow I haven't been on here in such a long time!
I wanted to share with you my new website/print shop! It's called Draw Me a Song , and my music-related work is available on it as posters and postcards! So excited to start this new experience of owning an online store and sharing art and music with people :)
There will be plenty of new songs added soon, so make sure to stay in touch on social media! You can also contribute my suggesting what songs you'd like to see as posters.
I'll also be blogging about some of the processes of making those artworks, sketching, typographic experiments etc.

I hope you like the website!
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Hey guys!

Please vote for Draw me a song™ to win the Public's Choice Award in the Deutsche Bank Creative Awards! It's a 10 000 euros cash prize to fund the project!!

Just click here:…

And vote for Draw me a song (second choice)!

And please SPREAD THE WORD! :D

THANK YOU so much! :)
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I can't beleive I got my 3rd DD today... Thank you so much srag for suggesting this, and pica-ae for featuring it :D
And thank you for faving and watching my work, and for ur amazing comments!

1st DD: "Imagine"…
2nd DD: "White Rabbit"
3rd DD: "Crazy"…

All illustrations in the Draw me a song collection will soon be available for sale as high-quality posters on the official Draw me a song website that I will soon be launching. Very exciting stuff to come! Keep checking for updates on the Facebook… and Twitter pages of Draw me a song, and on my blog :) Thank you all for your support!

Lots of more song-posters coming soon, pop, rock, rap, electro, RnB, soul, funk, etc. etc. etc.!

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Housewife doesn't seem so bad after all :)
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yeeeeey :D thank u Sander-Seto for giving me both DDs and C-Hass for suggesting me :) (and my baby DeviousClown too!)

White Rabbit:…

working on 2 other songs now... will be up soon i hope!
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