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  • Mood: Love
Hey guys!

Please vote for Draw me a song™ to win the Public's Choice Award in the Deutsche Bank Creative Awards! It's a 10 000 euros cash prize to fund the project!!

Just click here:…

And vote for Draw me a song (second choice)!

And please SPREAD THE WORD! :D

THANK YOU so much! :)
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I can't beleive I got my 3rd DD today... Thank you so much srag for suggesting this, and pica-ae for featuring it :D
And thank you for faving and watching my work, and for ur amazing comments!

1st DD: "Imagine"…
2nd DD: "White Rabbit"
3rd DD: "Crazy"…

All illustrations in the Draw me a song collection will soon be available for sale as high-quality posters on the official Draw me a song website that I will soon be launching. Very exciting stuff to come! Keep checking for updates on the Facebook… and Twitter pages of Draw me a song, and on my blog :) Thank you all for your support!

Lots of more song-posters coming soon, pop, rock, rap, electro, RnB, soul, funk, etc. etc. etc.!

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Housewife doesn't seem so bad after all :)
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yeeeeey :D thank u Sander-Seto for giving me both DDs and C-Hass for suggesting me :) (and my baby DeviousClown too!)

White Rabbit:…

working on 2 other songs now... will be up soon i hope!
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